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Cedar Key

Cedar Key is a small fishing village located less than a half hour's drive from Chiefland, Florida. Seafood restaurants, artisan shops and antique shops are just around every corner. Many people fish for clams, scallops, grouper and flounder on the main pier. In the mid 1800s a mill was built that was used for cutting the wood used to assemble pencils out of cedar trees. The Cedar Key Museum was established in the late 1970's and is an interesting place to visit on your next trip to Cedar Key. Cedar Key Just off the coast of Cedar Key, Florida lies Seahorse Key, a lighthouse was built on the island in 1851 and is now used by the University of Florida as a environmental education and marine research center. If your looking to experience the old Florida, a kayak trip is an excellent way to see the islands and their wildlife. Kayak trips with or without a guide are available on Cedar Key.

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