Chiefland Astronomy Village

"One of the last dark sky observing sites in Florida."
CAV Observing Field Chiefland Astronomy Village offers dark skies for observing and astro photography. The village provides RV, Tent camping and electric hookups. CAV is located on five acres of land just seven miles south of Chiefland and is open to members only. For more information about membership see the Chiefland Astronomy Village website.

When your not stargazing you might be interested in hiking or canoeing in the nearby Manatee Springs state park. CAV Observing Field For Hotel and B&B information see the lodging section. During the new moon observing sessions your likely to find many different types of telescopes in use.

In addition to the main observing field, some members have purchased land and have built observatories nearby. Stop by for new moon observing and bring your telescope or binocluars. Check the clear sky calendar for an update on our dark sky conditions.
Fall Star Party
Chiefland Observing Calendar - 2016
CAV Calendar Dates Special Events Average Temps
January 8th - 9th   64.6 F - 39.4 F
February 5th - 6th 67.3 F - 42.1 F
March 4th - 5th & 11th - 12th   73.9 F - 48.2 F
April 8th - 9th Spring Picnic / Star Party 79.9 F - 53.6 F
May 6th - 7th 86.0 F - 59.9 F
June 3rd - 4th 89.8 F - 66.9 F
July 1st - 2nd 90.1 F - 69.8 F
August 5th - 6th 90.0 F - 70.0 F
September 2nd - 3rd 88.0 F - 67.5 F
October 23rd - 30th Fall Star Party 81.9 F - 56.7 F
November 2nd - 3rd 74.3 F - 48.2 F
December 30th - 31st 67.6 F - 41.5 F